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10 Things you probably didn’t know about me

1. I played volleyball in middle school. 

2. I played basketball in middle and high school.

3. I have a total of eight brothers. Yes, EIGHT! Four of them on my mother’s side and then four bonus brother’s from my dad. 

4. I’m the only girl out of all my siblings. 

5. My favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. I have watched all of these shows several times. I could watch them all day long… sometimes I do. 

6. Growing up my dream job was to become a doctor or something in the medical field.

7. I own an online boutique and sell women’s clothing and accessories. I also make and sell scrunchies, headbands, and baby girl bows and headwraps. My shop is currently closed until the new year.

8. Once my kids are a little older, I would like to go back and finish school to become a lactation consultant. I have become so passionate with breastfeeding and would love to help other moms out. 

9. Growing up I never wanted to have kids, but that changed when I met my husband and we started talking about the future. 

10. My husband and I got married at 18 and I turned 19 three days afterwards.

The day we got married.

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